What is HVAC Career Services?

HVAC Career Services non-traditional Workforce Development and (WIA) Approved Training Provider that recognizes the major gaps and hurdles that the socio-economically challenged underemployed and ex-offender populations have to attend a traditional college or vocational school. Also research has proven that some people just learn better with a more tailored and practical approach to training than what is usually provided.

HVAC Career Services has extremely high completion and exam pass rates by utilizing innovative but common sense methodology in training. This has proven to be very effective in changing the employment status of participants.

Statement of Purpose

The primary objective of HVAC Career Services is to provide a very economical and practical solution to meet the needs of the socially and economically challenged underemployed society. HVAC Career Services currently partners with various state and local agencies to improve the economic status of youth (ages 16-24), ex-offenders, dislocated workers, veterans, workfirst clients, Public Housing/HOPE VI recipients and ticket to work participants. HVAC Career Services empowers participants to gain employment by helping individuals to attain the necessary skills and credentials for various occupations and meet today’s employment demands. HVAC Career Services trains indiviuals to work anywhere in the United States or to become self-employed! HVAC Career Services provides a vast amount of technical experience, credentials and references as an added assurance and “peace of mind” for your company and participants.