HVAC Career Services

Connecting the worlds of your WILL our TRAINING and ACCESSIBILITY


  • Clinical Assessments 
  • Basic Skills Training 
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services 
  • Employment Assessments 
  • Life Skills Training 
  • Vocational Skills Training 
  • Job Development 
  • Job Referral Services 
  • Job Coaching 
  • Job Retention Services 
  • Substance Abuse Treatment  


Employment Assessment – Assess each participant for career interest while considering education, employment background, other work experience, and transportation needs. Conduct skills assessment(s), Initiate Career Pathing & Opportunity Plan based on local job market & employer requirements, match employment criteria with individuals needs.

Life Skills Training – Provide personal and professional development training to deliver well rounded, polished individuals ready and eager to work.

Job Development – Build relationships with businesses with the focus of partnership for job opportunities for program graduates.

Job Referral Services – Refer trained polished professionals to job openings, equip graduates with processed information and job leads.

Job Placement – Assist graduates until matched with employment opportunity.

Job Coaching – Continue relationship with newly hired program graduates to offer continued professional development and support, assist in the transitioning of newly hired employee.

Job Retention Services – Offer a variety of creative approaches to help assure job retention once on the job. Offer ongoing support.

Participant Tracking & Reporting – Track each program participant that is trained, graduates, and working for duration of contract.